St Mark’s Village – A Centre for Children

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This is the Anba Abraam Charity project in Malawi, Deir El Barsha. It’s a children center in one of the most needy Upper Egypt cities. This project is for the most vulnerable, offering best practices to educate, provide food and clothing, help foster essential skills, and offer a fun environment in which they can grow their skills. Our goal is to offer our children in Egypt a place to grow according to the Lord’s heart. It will revolutionize and bring new services to children in upper Egypt all year, every year.

From spiritual nourishment, to personal and health education and treatment. Whether from new clothes to a new perspective on life, this centre aims to provide hope and support to the needy. To give children a way to grow up with an educational background and life skills to be self-sufficient, is to adhere to Jesus Christ’s commandment to look after the young children “because their angels see the face of God the Father.” Mathew 18:10

Named after St. Mark, one of the four writers of the Gospel, who brought the Christian faith to Egypt and established the Coptic Church. St. Mark’s story can be found here. Through his example and the example of our Patron Saint, Anba Abraam, this centre truly provides a way for us to reach underprivileged children and connect them to a new better life.

Our vision of a loving environment to nurture growth and care for children is only possible through your support. A donation of $1,000 or more qualifies a donator to opt in for a room in the centre to be designated after their family name.

As a thank you for your generosity, each family who contributes to this project with the target donation amount or more will receive an icon of Anba Abraam delivered to their homes.