Our Patron Saint: The Bishop of Fayoum

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Anba Abraam (Bishop Abraam) was born in 1829 a.d in Egypt. He was originally named Paul Gabriel. At the age of 19, he was ordained as a monk in St. Virgin Mary Monastery in Assiut, Egypt. He was known for his passionate work towards the poor. He was ordained as a priest at the age of 34 and a Bishop at the age of 52. 

Throughout his life, in the many monasteries, churches and cities he visited, Anba Abraam spearheaded and increased almsgiving wherever he went. Many stories of his works can be found here. He represented Christ’s words in Matthew Chapter 5 – “Blessed  the merciful, For they shall obtain mercy”. With meekness and humility, Anba Abraam became renowned for his work to all the poor.

In 1914, at the age of 85, Anba Abraam passed away to Paradise. Many traveled from all over Africa, with over 10,000 attending his funeral. His work and generosity became an example for generations of those who serve the poor. 

In 1994, the Anba Abraam Charity was founded with the mission to lift people out of poverty. Over the years, our capabilities increased – currently serving 33,000 people per month, operating 43-day care centers and financially supporting 3,500 families monthly. We engage high-quality medical and educational professionals to deliver best practices in our day-care centers for mentally and physically disabled children. We partner with organizations in Egypt, Sudan and Canada to deliver skills & training development programs established to help families become self-sustainable. 

Through the example of Anba Abraam’s life of love, service and compassion for the poor, we were founded on love, and are driven by results.