2019 At a Glance

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This year we were able to continue to assist over 22,000 people per month through our programs in Canada, Egypt, and Sudan.With your support, we:

  • Provide monthly economic assistance to 3,500 families in need 
  • Support the operation of 33 daycare centers with our 1,500 children 
  • Create jobs through our sewing centers that train and employ the less fortunate to create items which are then sold to create sustainability

In 2020, it is our goal to be able to support 30,000 people per month with your assistance.

King's Kids Program

In 2017, our King’s Kids project was nothing more than a dream. Now, that dream has become a reality. Children in Egypt who experience mental or physical challenges are ostracized and marginalized. Anba Abraam set out to make a change. We now have a state-of-the-art facility that has been remodeled to be fully accessible – a rarity in Egypt.

The program is committed to helping mentally and physically challenged children and youth to transition to an independent or quasi-independent existence. Best practices and services are offered at this beautiful facility by a staff of physicians, social workers and professional therapists (speech, occupational and physical).

Now more than ever before, we need your support to accommodate, feed, teach and love the most vulnerable children in Egyptian society.