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We cherish and appreciate every donation, be it one dollar or thousands, as we are involved in numerous programs, each designed to make a profound difference in ones life. We need your help today to change a life in the way that you feel most compelled by. We have different programs that require monthly contributions.

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All donations made to the Anba Abraam Charity are eligible for a tax receipt.

At Anba Abraam Charity, we feel privileged to have the ability and capacity to help those in need…just as St. Abraam did many years ago. We share a sense of responsibility to reach out and help people who cannot help themselves without a little assistance. In a world that is so interconnected and interdependent, social events and issues affect us all. It is our hope that, together, we can restore people’s individual rights with love and compassion to create a happier, better tomorrow.

Thank you very much for your generous support over the years. We would be both humbled and honoured if you would help us again - so we can help more needy people together and change their lives for the better.